Risk & Safety Assessment

WHS Risk Assessments to Keep Your Team Safe

A serious workplace incident can cost you millions. That makes A WHS RISK ASSESSMENT priceless.

Workplace accidents often stem from a sequence of small errors, stemming from a deficiency in WHS risk assessment, awareness, and vigilance.

But these mistakes can compound into life-threatening injuries that can harm or kill your team members. That’s something you don’t want to experience or go through with a regulator.

Do You Truly Understand Your Risks?

Accidents are tragic, but did you know they can threaten your entire business, and even your personal freedom?

In Australia, depending on the severity of an incident, the penalties can include:

Protect your business and personal freedom from accidents through comprehensive WHS risk assessment.

So ask yourself

Are you having workplace incidents?

Is business growing faster than your safety systems?

Have you just taken over a business without a WHS risk assessment plan in place

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s just a matter of time until crisis strikes.

It’s time to act.

Identify Risks Before They Become Accidents

The best way for your business to recover from a workplace accident is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Our thorough WHS risk assessment will:

That’s why when you contract GSD Safety you know you’re getting achievable strategies, systemic change and valuable assistance with implementation.

The GSD safety Process

The road to making your business safe and compliant hinges on three steps: assessment, alignment and assurance.


your compliance level


your business with the relevant legislation


you can implement the changes and give you peace of mind

Our Expertise

We are SIA Global Consultant accredited workplace health and safety experts. We also have 25 years experience in the warehouse and food factory industries, along with several other qualifications.

Fully Accredited